LETTER: Chartwells Offers Few Options

I am the leader of a large club at Southern Utah University and I have noticed a widespread problem on campus.

When planning an event on campus, I have discovered that it can be very exasperating and problematic when dealing with Chartwells and the food system that is currently in place.

During the planning of our major event, we quickly discovered the dilemma with serving food at on-campus activities: Chartwells insists that if you use food at an on-campus event, you have to order it through them.

In our case, this was frustrating because we were on a very tight budget. For our event, we were planning on decorating sugar cookies with children. Ideally, we would have liked to bake our own sugar cookies for the forty-some children who were to attend, and saved ourselves a bundle of cash. However, this was impossible with Chartwells strict rules.

The setback with the Chartwells situation is that we, as event planners, are limited in our options. If I wanted to make a recipe of my own that does not exist in Chartwells menu, I would be bound to the rules of Chartwells Food Service. There are many organizations and clubs that plan events on campus that want to enjoy food at their event who struggle with this same obstacle.

Having Chartwells Food Service as the only option can be sorely disappointing and a very complex matter. I propose a solution to this difficult situation: if we, as event planners, could write a detailed outline of the food that would be served at our on-campus activity, rather than strictly purchase our food through Chartwells, planning and paying for an SUU activity would be much more reasonable. Our budgets would not break, the food served could be identified, and our stomachs would be full of great tasting foods.

Courtney Clements,
sophomore communication major from West Bountiful.



None 6 years, 10 months ago

I too have noticed this same problem. It has bothered me for two years now. What really needs to be done is a protest. We need to get as many different club presidents and club members together as possible, and stage a sit-in at Chartwell's cafeteria. It's not fair that they should have the monopoly on food service. Whatever happened to capitalism? I'm not saying that Chartwell's and the SUU leaders who wrote that contract are communists but...if the socialist boot fits...


Thare1931 1 year, 6 months ago

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