Trustees approve University College proposal

SUU's Board of Trustees met today and voiced their approval of Provost Brad Cook's University College proposal, which will provide greater unity and structure for campus efforts in engagement, retention and student success.

The proposal was approved unanimously by the trustees and is now subject to approval by the Utah State Board of Regents. If passed, the restructuring would eliminate the Academic & Career Development Center, which was formed from Career Services in July 2009.

While the ACDC structure has been advantageous in the development of key programs that fall in the University College scope, the transitional benefit will allow for greater administrative capability. The center, as it currently exists, includes an executive director and five program directors, while the proposed restructure will include a dean and assistant dean, and they would report to the provost.

The restructuring aims to both streamline and make more consistent the existing programs, but it will also aim to provide more effective academic advising and student support. According to Cook's proposal, the creation of the University College will be funded by internal reallocation of existing funds.

Other prominent proposals to the board included the addition of three emphasis areas to the outdoor recreation in parks and tourism major, a program started in 2006. The existing major will have three additional emphases: natural resource recreation, outdoor recreation tourism, and outdoor education.

Donna Eddleman, vice president for student services, reported to the trustees on international recruiting efforts, including a visit she took to China and Hong Kong. Between 10 and 15 students from China should be attending SUU in the fall semester, she said.

The recruiting effort comes alongside greater efforts in international student engagement, including the proposed transition of a residence hall — tentatively Eccles B — into a more focused international housing, which would ideally consist of a 1:1 ratio of international and American students.

Other international engagement efforts include the creation of the Sargon Heinrich Global Engagement Center, named for the donor of a majority of funds for the center, SUU President Michael T. Benson said. The center should open in September or October, he said.

Policy 5.40, which prohibits the consumption of alcoholic beverages on campus, was amended to allow for consumption of alcoholic beverages at on campus events if permission was given by the SUU president and would require consideration of relevant circumstances. Consumption of alcohol on campus remains genereally prohibited. The board approved the policy amendment.


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