Helpers for Thursday dinners to be thanked

Let’s face it: as college students, there’s little we like better than free food. No matter what the activity is, we are more likely to attend if they bribe us with food. Maybe it’s all those hungry men or maybe it’s the lack of spare change in our pockets, but college students love free food.

Study day tends to offer a lot of it, as does the Bread and Soup Nite offered once a month by the Community Engagement Center. More often, however, students can go to St. Jude’s Episcopal Church for a free dinner. Every Thursday, in fact.

The weekly event has been gracing Cedar City since 1996, and it’s about time those who started it were thanked. It takes a lot to feed 300 or so students, along with other members of the community, once a week without charging them any money.

Thank you to the volunteers, the directors and those who help fund the event.

In the past couple years, those who help out have become more and more diverse. It is no longer an event held by only the Episcopalian church; while they continue to graciously host it, they are now helped out by Presbyterians, Lutherans, LDS church wards and stakes and the Queer-Straight Alliance of SUU.

It is wonderful that this community is so willing to help those within it. It sends the message to SUU students that we are accepted as a part of the community and that those around us support what we are doing.

If anyone is able to help out, please do. We will all make it through this time of life and this grueling college experience easier if we help each other. We all need help with our homework, we all need help with feeling we are a part of Cedar City and we all need help getting enough food, especially with the current job market.

So volunteer your evening on a Thursday. Donate some money, some time or some food. Call the St. Jude’s Episcopal Church’s Reverend Priest Susan Wiltsey-Smith at 586-3623 and see what you can do to help out.

It’s the holiday season, and if anyone is feeling like they’re spending all their cash on presents for their family and friends, consider saving some money by going to a warm dinner on Thursday.

You could also consider helping others and spreading the cheer.

Once again, thank you to all those who have been giving of their time and resources to serve the community.

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