Student guitarist releases first CD

Originally from Big Water, guitarist Austin Joseph began playing the violin at age 10.

However, after losing his father, a huge support and encouragement in his musical hobbies, Joseph put down the bow for good.

“To this day, I haven’t played the violin again,” he said. “I bought one, I just haven’t picked it up yet.”

When he got a Yamaha guitar for his 17th birthday, he once again fell into the music scene. He played in what he called a “crappy garage band” and quickly regained his love for music.

At 19, Joseph began writing and singing his own original music.

“I wrote my first song during the Bush Era, so sometime between 2006 and 2007. I was young and angsty,” Joseph said.

His teen angst proved worthwhile as he was accepted into the music program at SUU and began making connections as an artist.

Last year, Joseph got some encouragement from those closest to him to pursue his dreams. He said he kept hearing the words “It’s about time you record an album.”

“My mom and some friends sent out a big email to help with the financial aspect of recording an album,” he said. “So really, this is all their fault.”

As his friends and family rallied to make his dream possible, Joseph continued writing. Finding inspiration from artists like Conor Oberst and Bryan Adams, Joseph cringes when asked what genre he would place himself in. “That’s a tough question,” he responded, then finally landed on a mix between acoustic, alternative and singer/songwriter.

Since late 2011, Joseph has worked with local recording engineer, Steven Swift, to put together an album that he calls “on purpose honest.”

As he sipped his coffee, he elaborated on what he meant by those carefully chosen words. “We used no auto-tuning and very little processing on the album,” he said. “I would rather it sound just like me, not a robot. Then if someone doesn’t like it, at least it’s my fault.”

The album Early Years officially dropped on Feb. 1 and is available on both Amazon and iTunes. Official invite-only release parties are being scheduled for Cedar City, Big Water and Salt Lake City as well as a pending West Coast tour this upcoming summer.

More information about Joseph, his music and his album Early Years can be found at www.austinjoseph.com.


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