Theatre on Main Street to re-open this spring

The theatre on Main Street, formerly known as the Cedar City Twin, is currently being renovated and is set to re-open this spring. The theatre has been closed since 2005.

The theatre on Main Street, formerly known as the Cedar City Twin, is currently being renovated and is set to re-open this spring. The theatre has been closed since 2005. Photo by Asher Swan.

The old downtown theatre located at 33 N. Main Street, has stood its ground since 1914, and is currently being revamped, revived and renovated to make its re-debut early this spring as the Cedar City Theatre.

The downtown theatre has been in and out of business over the past century and was last operated by Westates Theaters until 2005 under the name Cedar City Twin.

Brothers Kyle and Kolby Pulsipher, co-owners of Mammoth Holdings LLC are the new owners of the Cedar City Theatre and have begun gutting the inside to begin the makeover process.

Kyle Pulsipher said the renovation process of the twin theatre will include revamping of the concession area, touching up the foyer and installation of new equipment.

The Pulsiphers explained the renovation project of the old theatre will cost between $300,000 to $400,000, and they have the grant money to get the job done.

The twin theaters in the Cedar City Theatre will include four new projectors costing $100,000, Kyle Pulsipher said.

The Cedar City Theatre will showcase second-run movies, premieres, stream live Ultimate Fighting Championship events, live broadcasts of SUU athletic events, live bands, speed dating and possibly have theme nights, Kyle Pulsipher said.

“We have all kinds of ideas for the theatre this spring,” Kolby Pulsipher said. “We also want to keep the theatre budget friendly to students and families because we all know going out to other theatres around town can be quite expensive.”

The cost for a ticket to see re-runs and classic movies will cost between $2 to $4, and special offers and discounts will be presented to college students once things are up and running, Kyle Pulsipher said.

The Pulsiphers said a study conducted by the economic consulting firm HyettPalma in 2010 listed the old vacant theatre as a business that would attract consumers to the area.

The study said that attracting students and providing evening entertainment are important to making exponential growth to downtown Cedar City.

The study specifically listed the theatre as a key space downtown and suggested Cedar City Corporation purchase the property if the building remained vacated, a thought the city has been contemplating since 2010.

“This will be a huge icon for Main Street and the community,” Kolby Pulsipher said. “Once this project is finished it will definitely bring foot traffic to the downtown shops and surrounding area.”

John Carson, manager of the fairly new Sonny Boy’s Barbecue restaurant located across Main Street from the theatre, said he has been waiting for years to see the theatre re-open to the community.

“This theatre will be great for the downtown atmosphere and help boost the economy,” Carson said. “The theatre will be excellent for college students, younger kids and a great opportunity for families to save money on entertainment.”

Malisa Wolsey, manager of Gandolfo’s Deli located at 110 N. Main Street, said the theatre will be an efficient way to draw students and tourist to the downtown businesses.

“This will provide entertainment on school nights when nothing else is happening in Cedar, and it’s affordable on almost any budget,” Wolsey said. “We can also set up dinner and a movie package with restaurants in the surrounding theatre area.”

The Grind Coffee House Owner A. J. Baruffi said the theatre is literally a hop, skip and jump away from the popular coffee shop and will bring all sorts of new faces to the downtown community.

The Grind Coffee House is located at 19 N. Main Street.

“It will give the The Grind and possibly some other business in the area a reason to stay open into later hours of the night,” Baruffi said. “This could be one of the greatest things to happen to the downtown Cedar City.”

Shay Baruffi, a senior psychology major from Cedar City, said she is excited for the theatre to open and will be taking advantage of the inexpensive prices.

Baruffi said she is most excited for the ideas that the Pulsiphers have in mind for movie ideas in the coming year.

“We want this to be a constantly changing environment and new ideas coming in and out of the theatre,” Kyle Pulsipher said. “We are gladly open to different ideas and suggestions from the public and college students.”

The Pulsiphers said they would like feedback on movie suggestions, ideas, or help and suggest looking them up on Facebook under Cedar City Theatre or on their blog at cedarcitytheatre.blogspot.com.


lorinjriddle 4 years, 8 months ago

the pulsifer brothers are crooks do not support their business or any of their functions at the main street theater. i grew up in this theater as a kid in cedar city going there daily to see movies and i took a job opportunity to help remodel it for the reopening. after working for two days without filling out any of the neccisary paper work and not knowing what my wages were i found out that the wages were sub-par for the work so i quit..... this being two weeks ago and after filling out my paper work have still not received my payment for services rendered. i am not very satisified with the way that kyle and kolby choose to run their business and the main street theater should be avoided at all costs. there is a possibility of there being a mold issue in the theaters since they power-washed the theater seats and put them back in the theater wet....and as we all know mold loves cool dark damp places to grow, just like a movie theater! so for your healthand the health of your loved ones avoid do not support the theater and the uprising of these two brothers who think that the rules dont apply to them. Avoid them and the mainstreet theater which is somthing that has been near and dear to my heart since i was a child! thankyou for your time!


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