Center for politics gets new director

The Michael O. Leavitt Center has a new executive director, Eric Kirby, a SUU alumnus. Kirby was chosen from numerous applicants after interviewing process that involved many faculty, staff members and students.

Kirby is a former student at SUU, who also worked in the Leavitt Center. As a result, he interned with Utah Senator Orrin Hatch. Kirby practiced law before returning to SUU to be the center’s new executive director.

His experience in both law and politics is what made him stand out to Henrie Walton who works with the center, a senior political science major from St. George.

“A law degree is very transferable,” said Walton. “Kirby has quite a bit of experience in writing and obtaining grants as well as helping obtain internships, both of which the students and SUU can benefit from.”

Dillon Rosdahl, student director of the Michael O. Leavitt Center, a senior English major from San Francisco, said he is looking forward to how the Center will change.

“Eric’s role is to take the center to a new level,” said Rosdahl. “ A level in which we will be recognized statewide in our research or in successfully assigning internships to students.”

The Center has helped students obtain political information, internships and jobs. Kirby plans on making the Center more universal to students.

“We are willing to help students in any aspect or question they may have,” said Kirby. “Whether it is foreign affairs, politics, or obtaining internships with not only politicians but other careers as well.”

Kirby said he believes politics is involved in all careers and hopes to help students take advantage of the Center as a result.

“Politics are involved in every facet in our lives,” said Kirby. “As such, it is huge responsibility on us to ensure that the Center functions properly and that students are provided a proper education as well.”


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