Soup for the bowl, art for the soul

Artisans Gallery will host their annual Soup and Bowl Event fundraiser Saturday from 6-8 p.m. at 94 W. University Blvd.

Ceramic bowls can be purchased for a donation of $20, or paper bowls can be purchased for $5 at the event. Both donations come with unlimited soup.

The bowls available are made by local artists Harold Snyder and Bonnie Swenson, as well as the SUU Ceramics Guild. Some of the $20 donation goes to the bowl creators, but the majority of the funds raised will benefit the gallery to support them during the off-season.

Steve Yates, owner of Artisans Gallery, said they have been doing the Soup and Bowl Event annually since 2010. He said the main reason they hold this fundraiser is so they can continue to operate and offer their space for artists and organizations in the community.

Yates said some of the events the gallery hosts include book signings through Utah Humanities, concerts, poetry readings, SUU Convocations events, fundraisers for community organizations and food groups.

“I have this vision of the arts unifying across all the different disciplines of art,” Yates said. “At times, it seems they can be in conflict with each other, and they fight for the the same piece of pie when it comes to funding. It is my belief that when all the disciplines are united and collaborating, the pie as a whole gets larger and more benefit from it.”

Diane Walsh, Artisans Gallery associate, said one of the goals of events like this is to bridge the gap between the local artist community and the Cedar City community at large.

Yates said the gallery isn’t in it to make an obscene profit, but to bring people together.

“As artists, it is our duty to show people that we can take something that they’ve purchased here, and we can take that income and put it back into the community again,” he said. “The arts have a responsibility to bring joy to people and to help people.”

Yates said it is the people who come into the gallery who make him happy, even if they don’t buy one of the local artists’ works hanging on the wall, but just get inspired by it.

“I’ve lived here for 36 years, and I love seeing people enjoy the talent we have around,” he said.

Artisans Gallery is open year-round and has a wide variety of arts, crafts and jewelry available for purchase, most of which is made by local southern Utah artists.


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