Weekly Entrepreneur Speaker Series

Future CEOs, business owners and entrepreneurs united on Tuesday afternoon to hear from speaker Al Pappas, a successful entrepreneur, as part of SUU’s Entrepreneur Speaker Series. The series is a semester long and introduces a new speaker each week, each of them from different areas of business, marketing and entrepreneurship.

The series is offered as a one-credit course, but is open to students, faculty and community members who want to attend. The series offers SUU students an opportunity to meet each Tuesday afternoon for a lecture from the speaker, followed by a short Q & A and then gives them the opportunity to have lunch afterward for a more personal interaction with the speaker. The speakers come to SUU to offer students advice on the business world and teach them about what they have learned along the way.

Many students gathered to hear from Pappas and see what advice he could offer them. He spoke of different companies that he had a hand in starting, and he offered advice for those who are considering starting their own businesses.

“Don’t expect to have one job or one company that you will work with for the rest of your life,” he said. “Things will change, be prepared.”

Pappas went on to explain that being versatile, willing to take risks and working with multiple companies will grow your ability to be a good leader and entrepreneur.

Along with business advice, he also spoke of different technology trends that have a hand in making businesses successful, as well as his most valuable practices he has acquired over his years in business.

“Take failure as a learning experience, because it’s always hard to accept failure,” he said. “Take it and turn it into a learning experience and what not to do in future deals”.

Jimena Lopez, a sophomore accounting major from Lehi, attends the series for extra credit in some of her classes, but says the tips she learns from attending each week havebeen helpful to her outside of class.

“It helps remind, and show, how what we are learning in our studies connects with different paths we will take once we are done with formal schooling,” she said.

Lindsey Arnold, a junior marketing major from Kingman, Arizona, says the speaker series is a great way to make connections.

“It’s good for networking; afterward I’ll walk up to the speaker and ask them about internships at their company and then they’ll give me their email and tell me to send them my resume,” Arnold said.

Even though the series is geared toward business and marketing majors, anyone is encouraged to come. Many of the speakers come from around the world and offer more than just business advice. but general life advice as well.

The Entrepreneur Speaker Series will continue for the remainder of the semester with new speakers featured each week. If you would like to attend the series, meetings are on Tuesdays from 11:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. in the Emma Eccles Jones Education Building, room 104, or you can contact Noah Evans at noahevans700@gmail.com.


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