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Opinion: College athletes get paid in other ways

Upon graduation from college, many students are buried in debt. An article from Student Loan Hero said, “The average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from last year.”

Opinion: Veganism doesn't have to be pricey

Because we live in a world where consuming animal products is commonplace, it can seem extreme to choose not to. Many people think that following a plant-based diet must be difficult. But I would argue that being a vegan is actually not extreme or all that challenging.

Opinion: Love and a career go hand-in-hand

I’m here to tell you that the idea that women have to choose between marriage and a successful career is a stupid one.

Opinion: Political discourse is necessary

We need to talk. I don’t mean to alarm you with that opening, but what I have to say should alarm you.

Opinion: Human touch has many benefits

I come from a long line of anti-huggers. Over the centuries, my family’s particular brand of affection has evolved into a compact form known as the “alright, champ” back pat. This is nothing revolutionary; America is far from being the healthiest country when it comes to touch.

Opinion: The breeze between my knees

I’m currently naked. A cool breeze blows across my body while the sun warms every inch of it.

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Editorial: If knowledge is power, then ignorance is STDs

Last week, Utah state legislators rejected a plan for comprehensive sexual education, insisting on maintaining an abstinence-based curriculum.

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Opinion: Alternative fact: Kellyanne Conway is great

I could say that Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, is doing an amazing job and is going to help make America great again.

Opinion: Just ask me politely about my ethnicity

If you read my last article, you know that I study nursing here at SUU.

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Opinion: New motto: Everything is garbage 2017

I am a pessimist. This is something I will openly admit.

Opinion Column: Getting creative: dating from afar

In a long-distance relationship, sometimes the hardest part of dating is the “date” part. At dances, my dance partners are always sorority sisters; when new movies come out, I buy a small popcorn just for me; and when my feet are cold, I have to dig out the electric blanket.

Opinion: "Parks and Recreation" is the best

Bored on a Saturday night? Procrastinating work on that project that is due tomorrow? Or just looking for an activity for a chill date?

Opinion: This Valentine's week, give to CJC

One month ago, our community was shaken by the horrifying story of a young boy who was locked in his family’s bathroom for two years and given only canned beans to eat.

Opinion: Introduction: why I eat plant-based

Ever since I can remember, I have had a love for animals. Growing up, I loved my pets like they were my family. I cried when I saw dead animals on the side of the road and was very troubled by the idea that animals are often mistreated.

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Opinion: Muslim ban is religious discrimination

The other day, I asked a friend what they thought about President Donald Trump’s disastrous Cabinet nominees. They told me, “I mean, I saw it on Facebook, but I try to stay away from all that politics stuff.”