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Opinion: College athletes get paid in other ways

Upon graduation from college, many students are buried in debt. An article from Student Loan Hero said, “The average Class of 2016 graduate has $37,172 in student loan debt, up six percent from last year.”

T-Bird nature photography

Standing behind my camera, I feel a mix of emotions. Sometimes I’m relaxed and other times I’m stressed. Either way, I’m happy.

SUU master's program gains recognition

The National Strength and Conditioning Association has awarded SUU’s Master of Science in Sports Conditioning and Performance program the title of an “Education Recognition Program.”

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Silent tribe teaches students deaf culture

The performance is underway. The actors give their lines, but the stage is silent.

A voice made for the stage

For most students, graduation means finding a job and taking on the world.

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Opinion: Alternative fact: Kellyanne Conway is great

I could say that Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the president, is doing an amazing job and is going to help make America great again.

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Young love: married by age 20

If she fit the “Bridezilla” stereotype, Sarah Christensen would have been panicking, running around and screaming on the day of her wedding. But even her anxiety and depression couldn’t stop her happiness on the biggest day of her life.

Beatles concert

On Valentine’s Day, members of the College of Visual and Performing Arts will perform “All You Need Is Love,” the second annual Rock and Roll choir show at 7:30 p.m. in the Heritage Center Theater.

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Journal EIC: Intolerance is unacceptable

On Wednesday afternoon, I was told that a swastika was drawn in one of the campus bathrooms. To my horror, the symbol of hate was drawn on the wall of a stall in the men’s bathroom.

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Senior born to be an entrepreneur

When he was 5 years old, he sold his rocking horse, Sam, to buy a new toy. In sixth grade, he cleaned backyards to earn enough money to buy a BMX bike.

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