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R.E.A.L Peers wraps up Sexual Responsibility Week with "What a Night"

Thursday night, the R.E.A.L. Peers hosted its final night of a three-night series of on-campus events with the dramatic play titled “What a Night” in the Starlight Room of the Sharwan Smith Student Center.

Asian Tourism Festival showcases culture

As part of the International Festival Series at SUU, the Asian Tourism Festival took place Wednesday in the Dining Hall and featured food, entertainment and music.

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Teen Dating Violence Month

The Canyon Creek Women’s Crisis Center is recognizing the month of February as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month by reaching out to local schools with youth advocates to teach students about healthy relationships and unhealthy relationships.

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National recognition for MBA and MAcc

The SUU School of Business has received national recognition by U.S. News for being one of the “Best Online Graduate Degree Programs” in Master of Business Administration and Master of Accounting degrees.

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Cedar City considers a ban on Tobacco Specialty Business

Cedar City is considering a ban on new Tobacco Specialty Businesses (TSB) by creating an ordinance that prohibits new businesses from moving in.

Islam and Hope Convocation

SUU students and faculty crowded into the Sterling Church Auditorium in the Sharwan Smith Student Center Tuesday for a Convocation on Islam and Hope.

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Identity Week at SUU

Hilary Corna, an author, speaker and entrepreneur, spoke to students about taking dares and living their dreams as part of Identity Week 2016.

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Student fees up for consideration

Student fee increases have been proposed by three different organizations to SUUSA.

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Sexual responsibility focus for past week

The SUU R.E.A.L. Peer Health Educators recognized this week as Sexual Responsibility Week with multiple activities including mock trials, question and answers and skits, in order to reach out to students about sexual relationships.

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Martin Shkreli debate at Pizza and Politics

SUU students came together on Wednesday to discuss Martin Shkreli and the controversy between big government and big business during Pizza and Politics in the Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service.

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The Flautist

Tanisa Crosby, a senior double major of music and English from Cedar City, has had many experiences performing with her flute.

Opinion:Diverse religious acceptance at SUU

Utah has one of the biggest Mormon communities in the country and that seems to reflect through a majority of SUU students here on campus. With such a big population of one religion stationed in a location, “Mormonism” is certainly going to be the core religion and the most common. Many other religions, however, don’t seem to have an active voice at SUU which made the University Journal Editorial Board question the amount of religious acceptance here at SUU.

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Women in Science and Engineering

Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) is a club open to women who are seeking a degree or career in the science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) fields.

A Monthly Budget

Most people have not figured how to make a budget for themselves that strictly follows their income.

Opinion:Cultural Awareness

A huge achievement for SUU’s open gates to education. Recently I’ve seen that a seminar in regards to Muslims will be coming soon. I feel that this is a great way to reach out to these people and help the students at SUU learn more about what this culture stands for, what we can learn about them, and not judge them based on the activity of ISIS.

Black Student Union

Black Student Union (BSU) has provided over 13 years of unity and leadership skills to SUU’s campus.

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Winter Ball

In an effort to raise money for an upcoming dance conference, SUU’s dance department is hosting a winter ball event on Saturday for students looking for an activity for a Valentine’s Day date.

Opinion:A smoke-free campus

I also have three kids in college right now. One of the great things about college is the diversity that these college students come in contact with and learn.

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Mike Tate chases four-minute mile

For the better part of his indoor career, SUU distance runner Mike Tate has been chasing the four-minute barrier in the mile run and each season he has come up short.

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Softball gets regular season underway

This weekend, the SUU softball team will get its regular season underway in Tucson, Arizona as they head to compete in the Arizona Tournament, facing five different teams over the course of four days.