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A peak to inspire

Inspiration can come from just about anywhere, and my inspiration to make the most out of the rest of my time at SUU came from SUU President Scott L. Wyatt.

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Pizza and Politics: a summer-y update

Students packed the Michael O. Leavitt Center for Politics and Public Service on Wednesday for the first Pizza and Politics discussion of the semester, where the topics of third-party presidential candidates and the Russian Olympic doping scandal were discussed.

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New generation takes over campus

With a fireworks display in the Centrum Arena, Thunder University (Thunder U) came to a close Saturday.

New exhibit opens

The Frontier Homestead State Park Museum has a new Native Heritage Exhibit, which will help visitors better understand the history of Native American occupation in Iron County through experiential learning.

Sushi Burrito review

The owners of Sushi Burrito, a Japanese fast-food restaurant with a broad variety of burrito-sized sushi rolls, have officially opened for business in Cedar City.

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Free Rock

Southern Utah is home to the Mighty Five national parks, so on Aug. 25 SUU students, faculty and staff took a campus-wide field trip to visit the parks.

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BioBlitz Festival takes on Cedar City

The first BioBlitz Festival in Cedar City took place Friday and Saturday in the Cedar Canyon Nature Park where visitor were able to come and celebrate the outdoor through different activities.

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Soccer loses 2-1 on the road

SUU’s women’s soccer team returned Friday from Boca Raton, Florida, with a 2-1 loss against Florida Atlantic University.

A look at 2016-17 coaches

With there being several changes to coaching staff for our sports teams, here’s a brief introduction of each of our head coaches and their accomplishments.

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April 2016 was an exciting month for T-Bird football fans, with three players being drafted into the NFL in the Chicago Draft.

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SUU outdoors leader

For some, hiking is just an every-so-often getaway, but for Outdoor T-bird Abby Konerman, the outdoors has become a life passion.

OPINION: An Ocean of soulful possibilities

After drowning in the “ocean” of gospel-like vocals, hypnotic melodies and soulful synths that is his new concept-album “Blonde,” I’ll say it was worth the wait.

OPINION: Gym advertisement in poor taste

This amount of criticism of our own bodies is not only bad for us emotionally, but studies from the "International Journal of Obesity” also show that people who believe they are overweight or fat tend to gain more weight over time.

EDITORIAL: Trainers not in love with Pokémon GO

But has Pokémon GO’s rise come to an end because of the lackluster updates? Did third-party apps play more of a role in server crashes than we know?

T-Bird lights up orientation

Karlee Myers takes on the “Big Sister” role in almost everything she is involved in, especially as a member of the Assistant Coach of Excellence (ACE) mentor program, which strives to help incoming freshmen succeed during their first year of school.

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Breaking News: Power outage on campus

A car crash on 200 South left SUU's campus in a power outage on August 8 at around 11 a.m.

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Brew named after SUU alumnus Miles Killebrew

Former SUU football player Miles Killebrew has been noted as the Detroit Lions rookie who has an alcoholic beverage named after him.

PokéStops cover SUU campus

Pokémon Go, the phone app based on GPS signals and the Pokémon media franchise, has swept over college campuses throughout Utah.

SUU Summer News in Brief

A concise look into events, happenings and changes for the SUU community. Current events: Tour of Utah to begin in Cedar City, PokéStops cover SUU campus, Plasma Center to give back and talk health, Former SUU President died earlier this month.

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2016 Shakespeare Festival plays

The 2016 season of the Utah Shakespeare Festival (USF) at The Beverley Taylor Sorenson Center for the Arts (The Beverley) has begun as of June 27.