Finding your opportunity to do service

SUU students and staff are known for how much community service they participate in. However, students may not hear about opportunities to help with service unless they are part of a club or organization. A lot of SUU’s community service is done by different clubs, sororities and fraternities.

Students not involved in clubs hear about a lot of fundraisers and opportunities to donate to charities but not necessarily about service they can actively participate in. We, as an Editorial Board, believe that if community service opportunities were better advertised, even more students would participate in them, and our community would have even more volunteers helping to better it. SUU has so many more students that would love to help out in their community if given the chance.

Those who would like to get more involved with community service opportunities should visit the Community Engagement Center located next to Ponderosa Terrace housing, across from the Science Center. At the Community Engagement Center, students can sign-up to receive emails about service activities. Students can also sign-up to receive additional emails for specific service programs. The programs cover a wide range of service. Some of the programs include helping at the animal shelter, doing after-school sports or dance with kids, helping kids with after-school science, volunteering at the Paiute Tutoring Center, helping with Bread and Soup Nite, helping senior citizens, as well as several others. Tuesdays and Thursdays are usually full of service activities. Students can also sign-up to go on service trips outside of Cedar City.

Students can also check out the Community Engagement Center page on the school website to learn more.

Another resource students can use to get more involved in service is T-Bird Connection in the SUU Portal. T-Bird Connection offers a place to record service hours and allows students to add service and philanthropy as one of their interests in order to receive notifications about events and organizations relating to service.

Sometimes, things such as doing community service can become out of sight and out of mind, but taking advantage of the above-mentioned resources will help students keep service in mind through provided notifications. If students are interested in participating in community service, they should start to look into the opportunities available to them.

For those looking to contact the Community Engagement Center, its phone number is:


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